To expand your practice you have to grow and the only way to grow is to make money. You need to maximize reimbursement, reduce costs, maximize efficiency and stay current with insurance policy changes. With the decrease in fee schedules and increase in claim denials and red tape, insurance carriers are making it more difficult for providers to get paid. If you are like most practices, you are spending more time fighting for less money. At AR RESCUE, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals that keep up with the most current technology, billing trends and insurance updates and policies. With experience in most specialties and most software platforms, AR RESCUE never requires the practice and provider to change software systems. We handle all aspects of the revenue cycle management process. We serve clients nationally and are familiar with the differences in billing requirements and regulations across multiple states.

Your time is better spent in the exam room with the patient, not on the phone with the insurance company.

AR RESCUE handles all aspects of the revenue cycle management process, including charge and payment posting, A/R follow-up and appeals. We provide 100% transparency, review of the monthly reports and will even help you project future earnings and growth.

If you are you looking to transform your practice, don’t settle for the status quo–call the professionals for your free assessment and review.


AR RESCUE¬†offers the following services…

    • Full Service Medical Billing
    • Coding & Billing Expertise
    • Patient Relationship Advocacy
    • Contract Negotiations & Credentialing
    • Information Technology
    • New Practice Set-Up
    • Business Plan Review
    • Marketing & Physician Networking
    • Billing Software Technology
    • Clinic/Support Staff Training
    • Seminars & Continuing Education
    • Customized Services Upon Request