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Get Paid Faster With AR Rescue!

We provide comprehensive and efficient medical billing services across the United States, ensuring timely payments for healthcare providers.

We aim to assist you in achieving greater financial prosperity

Bringing over 25 years of expertise from Las Vegas, our company offers Revenue Cycle Management and consulting services to Physicians and medical facilities nationwide. We've helped many Physicians with revenue growth, negotiate better contractual rates, and reduce overhead costs.

Urgent Care Centers


Emergency Rooms

Private Practices

Cost Reduction

At AR Rescue, we want to help you save money while improving how you collect revenue. Our advanced software and ability to handle large volumes of work mean we can offer a complete billing solution at a low cost. This means you do not have to hire expensive billing experts or spend time training your staff – we do it all for you.
Our system simplifies money collection, reducing your staff's workload and increasing revenue from patients and insurance. Partnering with AR Rescue allows more time for patient care and less for paperwork, ensuring top-quality care.

Streamline, Optimize, and Grow with AR Rescue

Providing our clients with an extensive and diverse range of services is one of our company's greatest points of pride. Our comprehensive selection of solutions means that we can meet all of your needs from start to finish.

Medical Coding Services

AR Rescue provides meticulous data analysis and error correction services for medical claims.

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Provider Credentialing Services

We facilitates healthcare practices in obtaining approval to work with top insurance companies.

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Accounts Receivable Services

We guarantees timely payments to improve the billing process for your practice.

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Denial Management Services

We simplifies Denial Management processes, minimizing denials and improving payment outcomes.

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Revenue Cycle Management

We offers personalized financial management solutions, including detailed weekly reports.

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Eligibility Verification Service

AR Rescue ensures accurate patient benefit eligibility verification.

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Benefits of Choosing Our Medical Billing Services

AR Rescue not only handles your financial tasks but also works to improve your overall RCM operations. This is our commitment to all our medical billing clients in the US.
Just as you succeed in your work, we succeed in ours. Your success is our success.Here are some reasons why many clients choose us over our competitors:

More time to focus on patient care

Faster claims processing

Billing compliance

Less administrative work

Secure patient information

Minimized billing errors

What Our Customers are Saying

Kenneth McKay

AR Rescue is such a fitting name.

I had allowed my company’s financial department to go off the rails and turned over my entire accounting department, billing department, and CFO. ARR jumped into the billing role alongside an evolving accounting department and worked closely with everyone in my company to completely revamp how we manage our revenue cycle. ARR’s expertise increased our organizational understanding of factors affecting our revenue cycle. They helped us update all patient accounts in our Electronic Medical Records system and match those account receivables to Quickbooks. They undid shortcuts our previous biller implemented and helped us develop systems that generate accurate, timely, customized billing reports every month. This has brought clarity to our perception of programs’ sustainability, which has allowed us to update productivity goals so sustainable programs aren’t subsidizing programs that aren’t. By now, we’re working with ARR to update our contracts with payors in ways that support our preferred clinic flow and reflect our unit cost. Trust is like a tree. It takes time to grow and can be cut down in an instant. If you give ARR the time to build trust with your organization—being patient, allowing them time to do their thing, and making necessary operational adjustments—you will not regret your decision to go with ARR as your partner in billing, credentialing contracting, and compliance.

Brenda Grusman, BHA

Christian, Sarah and their entire team

has taken over several of my clients billing after subpar companies have put them at financial risk, as well as several of my new start up practices all with ease. AR Rescue has made them all whole again and not merely “survive” monthly but thrive now. Thank you

Brenda Grusman, BHA

AR Rescue has been a great company

to work with. We use them for both credentialing and billing services. They are receptive and responsive to our requests and accommodating to our practice work flow. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Starting a New Practice

We help start new practices. Investing in expensive technology and services can be tough when you are not sure how many patients you will have. AR Rescue Medical Billing Service saves you money from the start.

Q. What services does AR Rescue offer?

AR Rescue specializes in comprehensive medical billing services, including patient billing, claims submission, payer enrollment, and practice management.

Q. How does AR Rescue help healthcare providers?

AR Rescue helps healthcare providers manage their money and paperwork. We make sure they get paid fairly and reduce their paperwork.

Q. Why is medical billing important?

Medical billing is very important in the US healthcare system. It involves sending requests to insurance companies to get paid for services.

Q. How does AR Rescue ensure accurate billing?

AR Rescue uses a system that follows coding rules and checks for mistakes, fixing 99% of them before sending.

Why Choose Us?

Bringing over 25 years of expertise from Las Vegas, our company offers Revenue Cycle Management and consulting services to Physicians and medical facilities nationwide. We've helped many Physicians with revenue growth, negotiate better contractual rates, and reduce overhead costs.

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