Medical Billing and Coding Service

Medical Billing

AR Rescue is a leading provider of innovative Medical Billing Services in USA

Medical billing is the process of healthcare providers presenting insurance claim statements to insurance companies for processing. It can be time-consuming and challenging to complete the medical billing process. In that case, AR Rescue can help.

As a Medical Billing Specialist, we can help you with your billing requirements so that you can focus on what you do best - take care of your patients. Having expertise in Medical Billing and experience in this field allows us to excel in this area. Our Medical Billing team can handle all aspects of your medical billing, from insurance claim submission to denial management.

We offer personalized services based on the unique medical billing requirements of each company. No matter how small or large your practice is, we'll help you choose the billing option that best suits your needs.


Medical Collection

The process of getting paid can be challenging for medical providers. Managing staff and paperwork are among the tasks you must complete while seeing patients. The last thing you need to worry about is chasing down payments. That's where AR Rescue comes in. As a medical collections company, we specialize in reimbursing providers promptly and effectively. Our team is here to help you overcome the challenges you're facing.

Here's how we can help you collect your medical payments:

  • We understand the ins and outs of the medical billing process.
  • We have a team of experienced professionals who are experts at collections.
  • We use state-of-the-art technology to streamline the collections process.
  • We offer flexible payment options that work for you.
  • We're committed to providing outstanding customer service.
Medical Coding

Make Your Coding Process More Efficient!

Medical coding is one of the most important aspects of the healthcare industry. Medical Coding makes healthcare records universally standardized and simplifies expense tracking by assigning universal alphanumeric codes to healthcare services. They can enhance consistency and accuracy in tracking your healthcare.

A medical coder ensures that the correct code is assigned for a patient's diagnosis and procedure. AR Rescue provides a revolutionary coding and credentialing platform that ensures accuracy, speed, and automation. We offer medical coding services to healthcare providers and practice managers that will save them time and money. It can be used temporarily or permanently, seamlessly integrated with your practice.